Truth Party Report

Hi Folks!

The Truth Party now has official representation in Boston, New York City, Chicago, Madison, and Austin, Texas.

We have people also talking about setting up a Truth Party in Concord, NH, Eastern PA, and Central Iowa, as well. From Madison to Boston to Austin, the country is ready for a new political party around Truth, Peace and rediscovering what is GOOD about the USA.

By talking to people, I have heard the suggestion that we hold a national conference, and nominate a presidential candidate. Let’s DO IT! We will, next year, for the 2012 election.

My new book, Slingshot to the Juggernaut, will talk to America and formally introduce the Truth Party. That book will come out in the Fall of 2011. Chapter One is about the slain whistle-blower Dr. David M. Graham. He died for Truth, so that truth can live.But the trick with the truth about corruption in the USA is to remember “There HAS to be a solution to every problem.”

This tour, this new political party, will all be in the Slingshot, my new book. The work we are all doing at these events on tour is historic. My book, however, is only half done, and a deadline is fast approaching.

Here’s where you come in.

I have created a new campaign on “Chip In" (which is much better than KickStarter). I am looking to raise $1,500. I need to get a van back in NYC fixed, and a rental car for the tour paid off. I need to hole up somewhere and WRITE.

Most gigs have been great on tour, some have not come through. Revenue I was counting on turns into expensive down time.

If you would consider even a ten dollar donation, that would be a big help. If you can give $500, then, God Bless You!

I am heading into Las Vegas tonight with an event with We Are Change, and then it’s onto Berkeley, CA, in a gig with Project Censored. I am so very grateful to all my supporters who helped with the banner, and everyone who has put together a gig thus far. And I’m grateful to you, for even considering this crazy idea, that we can take our country back, and hold together a positive vision of the USA becoming about peace, nonviolence, truth, economic empowerment, and transparency. That’s what WE are all about! TRUTH PARTY!

Please chip into the hat, here.

In Light and Truth,

Sander Hicks


Truth Party